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The tech

And the beat goes on

Our silent disco bundles include fully charged wireless deluxe LED headphones which flash in tune to the beat. They also light up different colours, depending upon the channel you are listening to. If you don’t like the song, just change the channel. They have adjustable volume which can be controlled at source to protect any little ears.

Each silent disco bundle has up to 3 transmitters depending on how many channels of music you’d like. Each transmitter will need a music source (smartphone, laptop or mixing deck) and mains power, unless you want to go rogue and use our remote kit for outside venues.


The music 

Last night a DJ saved my life

This is the good bit! You get to decide the music genre and craft your perfect playlist - or if you’re short of time use one of ours. Just think about the right vibe for your crowd.


The venue

I predict a riot 

You're going to love hosting a silent disco at home but why not take it away with you for the weekend. Use it in venues with noise restrictions or even when glamping. Setting the scene for a silent disco is easy, indoors or out - our transmitters have a range of up to 150m. A bit of bling goes a long way - fairy lights, lazers, perhaps a glitter ball. Surprise your guests and make it memorable! 

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