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 Places to party with silent disco...


 Looking for something new and different to do for a birthday? Planning a mini festival, wedding or have kids to entertain?



Bring a surprise silent disco to a BBQ or with friends at the park. Let the kids pick the tunes so you can relax or why not join in!



Bring the party with you, wherever you land. Our kit comes fully charged and ready to go, even in the wild!

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A great way to kick off the weekend. Just add glow-sticks glitter and your favourite tunes!

Why Silent Disco


Welcome to Silent Disco Queens

Silent Disco Hire for those looking for something new and cool for parties. 

Say goodbye to zoom and hello to SDQ because nothing comes close to being together again. Silent disco is safe, socially distanced and perfect for smaller gatherings at home or nearby.  Silent Disco is already massive at Glastonbury and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival but equally perfect for more intimate parties at home and in the garden with friends and family.  Glow sticks are optional...

Get lost in the music, bust your best moves, sing out loud and forget the world!

How it works

The tech

And the beat goes on

Our silent disco bundles include fully charged wireless deluxe LED headphones which flash in tune to the beat and light up different colours depending on which channel you are tuned into. If you don’t like the tune, just change the channel. They have adjustable volume too but this can be controlled at source to protect any little ears.

Each bundle has up to 3 transmitters depending on how many channels of music you’d like. All the cables you need to link to your music sources are included be it a smartphone, laptop or for the old schoolers CD/record players. Each transmitter will need a mains power source unless you want to go rogue and use our remote transmitter for outside venues. 

The music 

Last night a DJ saved my life

Each transmitter/channel needs a different music source. This is the good bit! You get to decide the music genre and you can craft your perfect playlist - or if you’re short of time use one of ours. Think about the right vibe for your crowd, the theme and the type of celebration and how long you expect it will last. In our house we’re happy for folk to step in and add tunes they love to the playlist queue - as long as they are good! 

The venue

I predict a riot 

You're going to love hosting a silent disco at home but why not take it away with you for the weekend. Use it in venues with noise restrictions or even when glamping. Setting the scene for a silent disco is easy, indoors or out - our transmitters have a range of up to 150m. A bit of bling goes a long way - fairy lights, lazers, perhaps a glitter ball. Surprise your guests and make it memorable! 

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Dotted Background

The costs

       Don't stop me now!

It’s pretty simple, how many headphones do you need? The hire price below includes everything you need to run a silent disco. Or, ask us about the party packages if you'd like to host the ultimate VIP experience. Either way we'll give you playlists, support to set up and even throw in free delivery within 5 miles of Harrogate.

 6 headphones bundle £80
10 headphone bundle £100
20 headphone bundle £130
30 headphone bundle £150
50 headphone bundle £200


*Extra headphones are £5 each*


‘Booked this for my 40th during the lockdown, we had a ball, such fun! Can’t wait to book again now we can have friends over in the garden.’

‘We created a mini festival in the garden last weekend and it was brilliant - festoons and pizza oven - who needs to go out!  Kids had one channel, parents had another!


‘I hired a silent disco bundle for my son's 15th birthday and they had so much fun - I never would have thought  it would be such a hit - thanks SDQ'

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Home: Contact us

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frequently asked questions

You Asked, We Answered

What does the price cover?

Fully charged headphones, transmitters, cables -  all sanitised, delivered & picked up from your door (within 5 miles from Harrogate). Call us if you are outside this area. We help you with the set-up and give you  access to our playlists. 

How does the deposit work and what if I break something?

The deposit is the same as the hire cost. This is paid on booking and refunded when the equipment has been picked up and checked. Damaged or missing headphones will be charged at £30 and transmitters £100. An extra cleaning charge will be applied if headphones are soiled by makeup or glitter. 

What if my friends don’t like my music?

You have your channel and they can have theirs. Most people will have a secret playlist they’d love to share and be the DJ for the night.

How can I book?

We thought you’d never ask! Email or call us with your preferred date/ time and how many headphones you need. We’ll get back to you to confirm costs (including deposit) and availability then give you our BACS details to make the transfer. 

Do I need a mains power supply?

It depends, the standard transmitters needs a main supply so an extension cable comes in handy. The range is 150m but if you going beyond into the wild  we also have a remote battery charged transmitter.

Are you COVID-19 safe?

We sanitise all equipment after use and have designed the home disco bundles to encourage safe social distanced fun. Your delivery driver will wear a mask. 

What if I need to cancel? 

Let us know as soon as you can. If you cancel within 30 days of the booking then there will be no refund. If notice is given with more than 30 days then we’d be happy to refund the full amount or change the booking to a new date. 

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Home: About SDQ

About SDQ

SDQ was created just as lockdown started to be relaxed, the problem was we had forgotten how to relax! We searched for new fun things to do within the rules and rediscovered silent disco - at home.

We are a family business who love to party, our two daughters love music as much as we do - in fact they learnt to read through karaoke!

Silent disco at home or in the garden made complete sense to us, it’s not just for festivals.

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